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Choosing A Periodontist Near Me

Choosing A
Periodontist Near Me


Written by Dr. Diana Sedler

Written by Dr. Diana Sedler

Written by Dr. Diana Sedler

Periodontist Near Me

Each month, there are 19,000 organic searches on Google for "periodontist near me." That is a lot of searches!

Maybe you are one of those people who searched "periodontist near me." If so, I want to make it worth your search efforts and provide you with valuable information from a Periodontist about choosing a periodontist.

What is a Periodontist?

A periodontist is much like a dentist, but they work exclusively to prevent, treat, and diagnose periodontal disease or periodontitis, also known as advanced gum disease.

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Instead of focusing on general dental health, a periodontist focuses their attention and energy on parts of the mouth that support the teeth like the bone and jaw, gums, ligaments, and even tissue.

A periodontist attends dental school before spending time in a periodontal residency.


Who needs a Periodontist?

A periodontist is often referred to you by your general dentist. This can be the case if you are experiencing gum disease or periodontitis in its more advanced form.

Stages of Periodontitis

A dentist may also refer you if you are in danger of or already experiencing tooth loss or even a complex case that requires dental implants. While those are the more extreme cases where you will need to consult a periodontist, dental procedures for more aesthetic purposes may be your reasoning.

A gummy smile, receding gum line, or improving the overall look of your smile can also be the purpose of your periodontal visit.

How To Choose A Periodontist

1. Know about their credentials

Your periodontist needs to have graduated from an accredited school with a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Medical Dentistry (DMD).

Once the degree is received, they must complete a three to seven-year residency in a periodontal program through an American Dental Association (ADA) program.

As soon as the program is completed, they must pass comprehensive and oral exams to receive the national board certification created by the American Board of Periodontology (ABP). The periodontist you choose must show that they have received these credentials and are being recertified every six years.

2. Are they likable? What is their story?

Are they likable?

Why did they become a Periodontist?

What is their history in dentistry? The longer a periodontist has been in practice, the better they understand the preventative options, work with individuals, and have heightened skills in all forms of periodontal treatments. This is not to say that a periodontist straight out of school won’t be a good fit, but the longer they have been practicing, the more hours they have to perform various surgeries, procedures, and treatments. The more complex the situation, the more you may need a periodontist that has performed the procedure numerous times.

3. Know their practice philosophy

Understanding the treatment philosophy of your periodontist is essential to ensure you are comfortable and communicate well together.

This can mean anything from figuring out what treatment options they offer to how they speak to and educate their patients. It is always good to be in the know of everything going on with your dental work, so a periodontist who is willing to walk you through it all may be the best option for you.

4. Learn about their pain management practices

What kind of pain relief options are offered by the periodontist?

This can be from local to general anesthesia and the types they use. This is important for those who may have severe allergies to certain anesthesias and those with severe anxiety who may need general and not just local anesthesia.

5. Do they accept insurance?

Before seeing a periodontist, figure out which insurance they take or even if they take insurance at all. This can be a major deciding factor in whether or not you can use that periodontist. You can figure this out by speaking with your network provider, talking to your general dentist, or looking it up and calling the periodontist.

5. How long do their appointments run?

Some periodontists can be quite thorough, while others may run through things quickly.

Depending on your specific time needs, it is best to figure out what type of service will fit your needs as soon as possible. This also goes for the location and operating hours of the practice. If it is too far away and the drive is too long, that will take time out of your day and could be a deciding factor.

Also, if the hours don’t work well with your schedule, you may need to look elsewhere.

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