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What Is A Bone Graft?

Dental Bone Graft - Cutting Edge Periodontist, Burbank, CA

A graft is a transplant of live tissue that helps a problem area grow, strengthen, and function properly. For example, a common use of live tissue in dentistry is for bone grafts, which can repair and replenish bone loss.

Bone grafting in dentistry is no different. Transplanting bone from another area is used to replace diseased bones surgically. Usually, a periodontist or oral surgeon performs it before placing an implant. In addition, when bone is lost due to gum disease or other forms of infection, a bone graft helps to regenerate it.


Do I Need A Dental Bone Graft?

Bone Graft - Cutting Edge Periodontist, Burbank, CA

Bacteria invading the mouth can cause infection, resulting in tooth decay and, eventually, tooth loss. Once this happens, the jawbone and alveolar bone no longer receive constant stimulation due to the absence of tooth roots. As a result, over time, the bone weakens and decays inside the gums.

Periodontitis and gum disease that goes untreated can also cause bone decay. As the bone begins to break down, not only does the shape of a person’s face change, but also their bite and, in some cases, their speech as well. In particular, when someone only wears a denture, the bones do not receive the stimulation they need to adjust to the new bite and facial structure over time.

A bone graft becomes necessary when a patient is ready to receive dental implants. Much like All On 4 dental implants require a solid and sturdy bone structure for the implant post to screw into. If the bone is weakened, then the implant will not integrate correctly, and the implant will eventually fail. With a bone graft, the bone can be rebuilt and strengthened so that a dental implant can be placed. Also, it may allow a person to keep their existing teeth instead of having them extracted.


The Bone Grafting Procedure

Bone Graft - Periodontitis - Cutting Edge Periodontist - Burbank CA

Periodontists perform surgical bone grafts to restore the health of diseased gums during periodontal surgery. As part of the procedure, the periodontist will cut open and fold back the gums so they can be seen clearly. At this time, the periodontist will begin cleaning the gum tissue of harmful bacteria. Following the cleaning of the area, bone graft material is applied to help rebuild it.

A bone graft procedure can be classified into the following types:

1. Autograft

This type of bone graft is performed by grafting your own bone from the hip or jawbone.

2. Allograft

An Allograft bone grafting procedure is performed by grafting material that is taken from a human donor.

3. Alloplast

Synthetic materials are used in Alloplast graft procedures instead of human tissue. It usually contains calcium, phosphorus, and hydroxylapatite to mimic natural bone.

4. Xenograft

A Xenograft is done by grafting material that comes from an animal species. This type of skin graft as well as the Allograft is usually temporary. The purpose is to cover the damaged skin until the wound heals or the patient grows enough healthy skin to use for a permanent skin graft.



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