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Do I Really Need To Wear My Night Guard?

Do I Really Need To

Wear My Night Guard?

Written by Dr. Diana Sedler

Written by Dr. Diana Sedler

Written by Dr. Diana Sedler

What is the purpose of a night guard?

A night guard (or occlusal guard) is needed for specific reasons, the main one being that clenching your jawbone results in your teeth grinding together as you sleep. This phenomenon is also called Sleep Bruxism. A night guard will protect the top and bottom rows of teeth, which will reduce clenching and grinding substantially.

What is the purpose of a night guard - Cutting Edge Periodontist

The benefits of wearing a night guard

  • Prevents damage to teeth

  • Relieves jaw tension and pain

  • Reduces headaches / migraines

  • Establishes healthly sleep habits

  • Snoring is prevented

  • A great deal of sleep bruxism is reduced

  • It saves you money in future dental appointments

The cons of not using a night guard

  • As a result, your teeth will become misaligned

  • Increased risk of tooth sensitivity

  • Breaking or chipping of teeth

  • It is possible / likely that your teeth will become worn down over time

  • An increase in headaches

  • An increase in jaw and toothaches

  • A higher number of dental appointments

Night guards reduce discomfort and help create good sleep patterns for the consumers wearing them. You may think having a night guard is unimportant and tedious because you'll need to wear it every night and clean it every morning. However, the dangers of not wearing a night guard outweigh the inconvenience one may cause.

Remember that your nightguard will feel foreign and uncomfortable for the first few nights. It will take time to get used to, but once it does, you won't even realize it's there, especially when you start sleeping better.

What is the process for getting a night guard?

What Is An Occlusal Guard? - Cutting Edge Periodontist - Burbank, CA

A night guard fitting is relatively straightforward. While you can buy over-the-counter night guards, getting one from a dentist is always recommended to ensure a perfect fit. An ill-fitting night guard can do more harm than good.

To start, make an appointment with your periodontist to discuss your grinding and clenching and to have them evaluate your teeth.

Once a consultation is completed, your periodontist will start by taking an impression of your mouth. The periodontist will use this impression to create a night guard that fits your teeth.

Once the night guard is ready, you will come in for a fitting to see if any in-chair adjustments need to be made. Once the perfect fit is determined, you are ready to take it home.

What makes a night guard a better option?

What Is An Occlusal Guard? - Cutting Edge Periodontist - Burbank, CA

A person suffering from bruxism may be able to consciously stop grinding and clenching their teeth during the day, or at least reduce their intensity. However, once you are asleep, you will not be able to lessen the intensity of the constant grinding of your teeth.

It takes 120-260 PSI (pounds per square inch) to break down food when we chew. The same force is exerted when we grind our teeth, and when we are unaware of the habit, this wears our teeth down, causing them to become sensitive and damaged. By wearing a night guard, you can prevent jaw pain, muscle tightness, broken, chipped, and damaged teeth, and enamel wear.

Talk to your periodontist today about getting a night guard.

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